PECI 2017 Papers

A Low-Voltage Ride-Through Control Strategy for Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV Systems Ehsan Afshari, Babak Farhangi, Yongheng Yang, Shahrokh Farhangi
A Minimal Digital Circuit Realization For Robust Voltage Collapse DetectionRobert McCormick Taylor, Jeffrey P. Woodard, Creighton Hager
A Modified Game Theoretic Self-organizing Map For Wind Speed Forecasting Mahmoud Ghofrani, Mohadesseh Ghayekhloo, Anthony Suherli
A Novel Ac Model For Multiple Line Outage Detection Mahmoud Ghofrani, Amirsaman Arabali, Setareh Talaei, Phuong Nguyen, Anthony Suherli
A Novel Hybrid Approach Using SMS and ROCOF for Islanding Detection of Inverter-Based DGsShahrokh Akhlaghi, Morteza Sarailoo, Arash Akhlaghi, Ali Asghar Ghadimi
A Review on Current Reference Calculation of Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV Converters under Grid FaultsEhsan Afshari, Gholamreza Moradi, Yongheng Yang, Babak Farhangi, Shahrokh Farhangi
A Simulated Annealing-based Optimal Design of Statcom Under Unbalanced Conditions and FaultsMaziar Babaei, Ruholla Jafari-Marandi, Sherif Abdelwahed, Brian Smith
A Survey on Global PV Interconnection Standards Shriram Srinivasarangan Rangarajan, E. Randolph Collins, J. Curtiss Fox, D.P. Kothari
Comparison of Different Third Harmonic Injected Pwm Strategies For 5-level Diode Clamped InverterMohamed Elrais Tamasas, Mohammed Saleh, Mahmoud Shaker, Ahmed Hammoda
Design and Implementation of a Gan-based Multilevel Converter TestbedDerek Chou, Erik Saathoff, Robert Pilawa-Podgurski
Distilling Provider-independent Data For General Detection of Non-technical LossesJorge Augusto Meira, Patrick Glauner, Lautaro Dolberg, Radu State, Franck Bettinger, Petko Valtchev, Diogo Duarte
Evaluation of Metrics of Susceptibility To Cascading BlackoutsMd Abid Hossain, Hyde Merrill, Marc Bodson
Feasibility of Distributing Electric Power Through Single-phase Transformers at Rural Regions of Turkey Based On Rural Characteristic IndicesNebi Erdağıstanlı, Hakan Yüksel, Doğuş Sağır, İlknur Yılmaz, Mehmet Koç, Mahmut Erkut Cebeci, Osman Bülent Tör, Ali Nezih Güven
Hardware-in-the-loop Co-design Testbed For Flying Capacitor Multilevel ConvertersNathan A Pallo, Thomas Foulkes, Edwin Fonkwe, Robert C. N. Pilawa-Podgurski
Impact of Measurement Selection On Load Model Parameter EstimationSiming Guo, Komal S. Shetye, Thomas J. Overbye, Hao Zhu
Iterative Solution of Ill Conditioned Power Flow Linear EquationsBruno Felipe Gomes de Sá Sousa, José Eduardo O. Pessanha
Locating Sources of Forced Oscillations Using Transfer FunctionsNing Zhou, Mohammadreza Ghorbaniparvar, Shahrokh Akhlaghi
Nonlinear Control of Standalone Inverter With Unbalanced, Nonlinear Load Mohammad Mohebbi, Michael McIntyre, Joseph Latham, Pablo Rivera
Power System Supplementary Damping Controllers In the Presence of SaturationM. Ehsan Raoufat, Kevin Tomsovic, Seddik M. Djouadi
Study of Sufficient Number of Optimal Tilt Angle Adjustment To Maximize Residential Solar Panels YieldShahrokh Akhlaghi, Morteza Sarailoo, Mandana Rezaeiahari, Hossein Sangrody
Three-port Ac-dc Bidirectional Converter With V2g Reactive Power SupportJoseph Udokamma Ugwuanyi, Yiu Pang Chan, Ka-Hong Loo, Yuk Ming Lai

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