PECI Paper Archive

PECI 2014 Presented Papers

A Prediction Method For Power Frequency Quality Based On Bayesian TheoremYawei Wei, Shamina Shahrin Hossain, Harold Kirkham
Automation of Commercial Power System Software For Data-Driven ResearchShamina Hossain, Saurav Mohapatra, Thomas Overbye, Caroline Marzinzik
Computing Measurement-Based Voltage Stability Margins for a Wind Power Hub using the AQ-Bus MethodScott G. Ghiocel, Joe H. Chow, Ryan Quint, Dmitry Kosterev, Dejan J. Sobajic
Control of Single Switch InvertersShweta Hegde, Afshin Izadian
Flying Capacitor Four-level H-Bridge ConverterE. C. dos Santos Jr., F. Gulpinar
Implementation of Wind Turbine Generator Models In the Power System ToolboxFelipe Wilches-Bernal, Joe H. Chow, Juan J. Sanchez
Investigating Synchrophasor Data Quality IssuesKenta Kirihara, Andy Yoon, Karl Reinhard
Low-Cost Solar Simulator Design For Multi-junction Solar Cells In Space ApplicationsKatherine A. Kim, Nathan Dostart, Julia Huynh, Philip T. Krein
Modeling of Second-Life Batteries For Use In a CERTS MicrogridPhilip Hart, Phillip Kollmeyer, Larry Juang, Robert Lasseter, Thomas Jahns
Modeling of Vanadium Redox Battery By Field Analysis and Neural Network ApproachXin Qiu, Tu Anh Nguyen, Mariesa Louise Crow, A. C. Elmore
Power System State Estimation Using a Non-iterative Direct State Calculation MethodXinyu Tony Jiang, Bruce Fardanesh, Deepak Maragal, George Stefopoulos, Joe H. Chow, Michael Razanousky
Reliable GPS-Based Timing for Power Systems: A Multi-Layered Multi-Receiver ArchitectureLiang Heng, Jonathan Makela, Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia, Rakesh Bobba, William Sanders, Grace Xingxin Gao